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New Gender Reveal Footballs are just under 8" balls, are now injection molded plastic instead of painted shells. These balls will burst open if kicked or thrown against a hard surface.  

These are the original Gender reveal balls as seen on TV shows including the Today Show and ESPN Sports Center, and used by professional baseball players, including the Braves and Kansas City Royals.

Our custom made balls come in 2 halves for you to fill with your favorite contents, confetti, glitter, streamers etc, and clip together for you to customize your unique football gender reveal. Please note that these balls click together and do not require adhesive tabs.  We recommend wearing strong dark shoes to kick, and long socks or trousers.

When the ball is kicked or smashed against a wall it open with a cloud of blue powder. Team stickers are available for an extra $5 per sticker (official pro team stickers.) Our products are assembled in our small family business in South Florida. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will ship the same day if the order is received before 3pm on a weekday.

All footballs, because of weight, ship USPS Priority mail.  Please note our guaranteed  2 day delivery is thru FedEx 2-day shipping and orders must be in by Wednesday to reach you for the weekend. If you need overnight shipping please contact us for pricing.

Overseas customers please allow at least 10 days for delivery.  UK customers please note that additional customs tax may be charged.

We love photos and videos and some go viral.  Thank you for your business - congratulations and have fun!