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Gender Reveal Balls

How my daughter's gender reveal turned into a family business

In March of 2016 my daughter wanted to announce her expected baby's gender. As her husband is a Professional Baseball player for the Atlanta Braves she wanted to make it a baseball reveal, so she asked me to make a baseball that would explode when hit. She had her doctor email me the gender, then during spring training in Florida, with family and friends cheering them on, she pitched the ball to her husband and there was a cloud of blue powder.
This was a huge hit.. and the video of the gender reveal went viral, making it to the Today show and ESPN Sports Center, Cosmopolitan and newspapers and websites around the world.
The next thing we knew people were asking my daughter where to get the balls. My 17 year old son and his girlfriend decided to take up the task and started this Etsy store to raise money for a missions trip they were going on. This is still a small family business. We thank our customers for their support and look forward to helping many other couples make their baby reveal a huge hit.