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1 Gender Reveal Baseball - Pink and Blue Kit


We are the original gender reveal ball business as seen in Cosmopolitan and on TV shows including the Today Show and ESPN Sports Center.  Our balls have been used by professional baseball players, including the Braves and Kansas City Royals.

We are excited to announce the arrival of our much asked for gender reveal baseball kit. Now, if you don't know the gender you can save money by having a friend fill the ball for you with either one of the colors sent. This ball clips together but we also send adhesive tabs to ensure no surprises before the big event. We can also offer other colors, if not pink and blue, just write in the notes what color you want.  We have included extra powder in the bags for still photo opportunities.

When the ball is hit or smashed against a wall it opens with a vibrant cloud of the chosen powder.

Our products are assembled here in South Florida, in our small family business. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and if an order is received on a weekday before 3pm EST we will ship that same day.

Priority shipping is available at an extra charge, Please note our 2 day delivery is thru FedEx 2-day shipping and they do not deliver to all areas on a Saturday, so please allow 2 work days for delivery, and order by Wednesday if needed for the weekend. If you need overnight shipping please contact us as cost varies based on location.

Balls will usually bounce on grass if missed, but not concrete. A metal or wood bat should be used, not plastic. Children as young as 3 have hit these from a tee, sometimes with Daddy's help.

We love photos and videos and some go viral. Thank you for your business - have fun and congratulations!

Overseas orders please allow 10 days for delivery.  UK please note that additional customs tax may be charged.